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Technical and Material Differences Between Reinforced Concrete Structures and Steel Construction Composite Structures ..

Steel Structures:

The quality of steel construction components are always under control. They are produced in factory conditions according to the standards in proper sizes and proportions.

As it is a homogeneous and isotrope material it reacts as expected . In static calculations the margin of errors are very low.

The use of small sections of steel profiles avoids big coloumns. By this way this system increases the building areas and provides large spaces.

Very lightweight structures can be built.

Any type of design can be realized at low costs.

This system can be built fast under any kind of weather conditions lowering labor costs.

Skilled work required. This minimizes the implementation defaults.

The system also  provides significant advantage against the major eathquake loads .

For any reason whatsoever damaged structural steel elements by can easily be replaced. This process is fast, easy and with low cost.

This system allows for dismantling and reinstalling.

When the construction is completed , the steel construction components carry full loaded capacity.

The products can be controlled at every stage

Concrete Structures:

The quality of the concrete shows deterioration when  there are implementation defaults.
Since concrete is not as homogeneous and isotrop as steel, the static calculations depends on acceptances. The margin of error is a lot more and this causes additional high costs.
Big sections are required even in minimum conditions, so there occurs a lot of lost space.
Since skilled work is not required, the implementation defaults occur.
It is rough and expensive to control the concrete after pouring it.
To strengthen any construction component damaged by any reason is a hard and expensive operation, and this operation causes architecture problems.
In wide open areas the size of the sections are bigger and this has a higher cost.  Aso the big sections limit different types of design possibilities.
Because of their high burdens the base costs are high and constructions periods are long.
Due to the foundation-ground interaction, concrete is disadvantaged for the earthquakes.
The construction periods are long. Concrete does not allow to work at any kind of weather condition. For this reason the result is more costly and timely.
In concrete buildings strengthening is hard.
It is impossible to dismantle a concrete building.


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